Louise Queen

A real pain in the ass….

In My day to day on November 16, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Thought I might as well give you all a laugh at my expense…

Was rushing around last night getting ready to go on a nice date to the cinema with my husband (btw Quantum of Solace isn’t nearly as good as Casino Royale – its more like a cross between Mission Impossible and Spider Man)!

Anyway… as I was coming down our wooden stairs (in my socks) I slipped, fell down 4/5 steps and managed to graze / seriously bruise all my bottom. Although initially sympathetic, my darling husband soon found this hilarious…

Let’s just say it wasn’t the most comfortable two hours in the cinema and today it hurts sitting down full stop.

I thought I would save you any pictures though!

  1. Just thought I’d let you know I’ve been feeling miserable all morning (I still havent shaken off this cold and was feeling damn sorry for myself) you have certainly made my day with that story!!

  2. Would have liked to have seen the photos lol!

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