Louise Queen

Feeling Homesick

In My day to day on November 26, 2008 at 8:52 pm
Home sick

Home sick

With the snow all gone Lunenburg seems to have lost its charm and Scotland has been calling…. I guess however, that Scotland doesn’t look anymore appealing at the moment. Would just like to see my friends and family and reassure myself that we have done the right thing (an hour with you guys and I will wanna get on the first plane back to Canada)

How about filling me in on some of the gossip…? That way I might not feel so far away. Plus our B&B facilities are open all year round, so just give us a shout should you need to book a room!

  1. Hi Louise, sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date much. I’ve just caught up on your blog tonight and thoroughly enjoyed all the piccies and news. You two have certainly settled in well. We’ve already had the snow here as well, just for a couple of days though and then it turned to the usual grimy slush and disappeared, not quite as pretty as your snowy picture. Got your christmas card too, first to arrive this year!!! What a thought only 4 weeks to go, I’m really not organised.
    Haven’t seen much of the rest of the girls with work getting in the way but I think we’re hoping to get together over the Christmas/New Year weeks. Certainly won’t be the same without you but I’m sure your first Canadian Christmas will be full of adventure and fun knowing you. And your dead right, 5 minutes back with us and you’d be screaming to get back on that plane (aaggghhhhhh).
    You both look like you’re having a great time getting to know your bit of Canada and I think you’ve def made the right move. Keep the blog going and if I ever manage to work out this damn laptop properly I’ll be sending you some photos to remind you of our ugly mugs, that should sort out the homesickness in no time (hee, hee). Speak to you again soon honey xxxx Jackie

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