Louise Queen

Project Canoe – Part 1

In My day to day on April 27, 2009 at 3:50 pm

Well I bet you’ve all been wondering what we did with the money you gave us for our wedding; 1)We went on honeymoon, 2)We moved to Canada and 3) We bought a canoe!

Since we arrived in Nova Scotia in October we’ve been looking out for a canoe. We’ve looked everywhere and quickly became depressed when we realized that a new canoe was a lot more expensive than we had anticipated. Time for Plan B – http://www.kijiji.ca, Canada’s answer to pretty much everything (second hand equipment and furnishings – boats – cars – house rentals – the list is endless). Still we had no luck! Plan C – go for a walk around your local town and look in people’s gardens.

We (well actually, Cameron’s parents) spotted a canoe in the garden of a gentleman that lives at the top of our road. It looked good but rather in need of some TLC. We simply asked him if he could consider selling it, he replied ‘make me an offer’, we did and the canoe was ours.

As mentioned before it was in need of some work, so we got to it. We carried the canoe home and placed it in our garden…

Original Canoe

Original Canoe

Step one – a trip to the hardware store for some sand paper!

Step Two – sand it!

Half n Half - Sanded

Half n Half - Sanded

Step 3 – prop it up and hose off all the dust!

Hose Down

Hose Down

Step 4 – time for a coat of primer!



Step 5 – allow to dry overnight …


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