Louise Queen

Maiden Voyage at Seven Mile Lake

In Sites and Sounds on May 5, 2009 at 10:21 am

Although we had taken the canoe out a couple of times in Back Harbour at Lunenburg it had yet to have an official maiden voyage.

On Sunday we loaded it onto the car, packed a picnic and headed to Mush-a-Mush lake (I would just like to point out, especially for my Dad’s sake, that I was driving!!!!). However, when we got to Mush-a-Mush we realized that it wasn’t yet open for the season.

A quick check of the map, some serious cross country driving (Cameron had taken over, I was navigating) and we arrived at Seven Mile Lake – only to discover that there was no public access (as is the case with lots of the lakes in Nova Scotia). Just as we were turning around to head home a kindly gentleman stopped and offered us the use of his wharf and we gladly accepted.

We launched our canoe! Paddled a little and then successfully got stuck on some rocks. Cue lots of panic and shouting, not such a good idea when in a canoe. A little pause, a little discussion and a big push and we were free! We headed right for the middle of the lake… away from the shallow water and rocks.

After a little practice we managed to match our paddling (and stop going in circles) and headed out further in the lake. After forty minutes or so we spotted what we thought may be a small section of beach. We headed for it and sure enough it was a gorgeous little sandy area – perfect for our picnic.

Direction of travel

Direction of travel

A tuna sandwich and a few Oreos later, it was time to jump back in the canoe and head back the way we’d come. It was a little harder this direction because of the wind. We succeeded without any glitches this time and returned with our canoe pretty much in one piece and sore arms for our efforts!

  1. I am so jealous that you have a canoe!!

    I miss you! xxx

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