Louise Queen

Dinner on the Deck

In Recipes on June 16, 2009 at 10:42 am


Last Wednesday, Cameron and I realized that we’d been together for 5 years! We’ve lived together for 4 years and 2 months of that and have so far managed 9 months of marriage (Cameron has just told me it feels like 9 years – charming!) Thinking this quite an achievement (and a good excuse) we decided we’d cook something special for dinner at the weekend.

I love Tapas and vote for it for any special occasion dinner. However, Cameron wanted lobster especially since they are ridiculously cheap at the moment only $4.99 per lb (approx £3 per lobster). We decided to combine the two and settled on a dinner of lobster with melted coriander (or cilantro in Canada) butter, chorizo fried in red wine, tumeric infused rice and peas and fresh crusty bread from the farmer’s market.



All washed down with a bottle of wine or two…. Yummy!

  1. five years! it really dont seem to have been tht long at all!

  2. With sun shining we will never be off the deck or out in the sun. Dad says hes not worried about money or what the holiday costs as he wants to do all he can and enjoy every minute! That’swhat holidays are all about eh? xxx

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