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You just can’t go leaving us kids…

In My day to day on December 6, 2009 at 7:51 pm

Cameron and I headed to the city to finish our Christmas shopping this weekend and left little Oreo with Jackie and Jeff (Cameron’s parents).

Cameron’s parent’s had promised to send us an update, but it was actually Oreo herself that got in touch…

“Hello Mum,

Well, where have you pissed off to? Stuck me in this basement, no familiar smells, strange noises, I spent three hours shitting myself until some folk finally let me upstairs again. I went and hid under a sofa, but they eventually found me and put me beside my bed and tray in this little front room. After a couple of hours kip they did at least feed me. Then this dumb blonde kept imploring me in a high pitched voice to chase the sodding mouse. So I did that for a bit to keep her happy, anything for a quiet life.

After a while this geezer produced a bootlace and I actually quite enjoyed trying to catch it through the banisters of the stairs. I suppose its alright, but for god’s sake don’t leave me with these two old wrinklies for too long.

Hope to see you see.

Love, Oreo”