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Rusting Warship HMCS Fraser

In Sites and Sounds on April 13, 2009 at 10:39 am

Nice house, water-front view and then this…



..you wouldn’t be happy. The above is the HMCS Fraser, a decommissioned warship that currently resides at Bridgewater (our local shopping town).


The Artificial Reef Society of Nova Scotia, which also owns the Port of Bridgewater, bought the ship — the last of the St. Laurent-class destroyers — from the federal government for $1 in 1998 with plans to turn it into a floating museum. However, these plans never came about.

The HMCS Fraser has now been transferred back into the care of the Department of Defense and awaits one of three possible fates; 1) sink her to create an artificial reef, 2) scrap her, or 3) move her to preserve her for heritage purposes.

One things for sure, I bet the people of Bridgewater will be glad to see the last of this rusting warship!

Sink or swim?

Sink or swim?