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Oreo helps out around the house

In My day to day on October 2, 2009 at 9:57 am

Our old fridge broke down on Monday, just another thing to go wrong with this damned rental house. Fortunately, we noticed before too much damage was done and a new fridge was delivered first thing on Tuesday. Oreo decided to help Cameron put all the food back in the new one…



In fact, Oreo is very good at helping out whenever food is involved. Her she is helping to put the groceries away…



Holiday Snaps 1

In Sites and Sounds on August 24, 2009 at 1:05 pm

DSCF0013 (4)

Memorial for Swiss Air Flight 111 at Bayswater.

DSCF0026 (4)

Mum, Kim and I in front of the hotel at Aspotogen Pointe.

DSCF0032 (2)

A view of Lunenburg from across the bay.


Kim and Dad getting sporty!

DSCF0046 (2)

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Christmas is coming, The Goose is getting fat, It’s definatly time to start wearing a hat…

In My day to day on December 9, 2008 at 11:24 am

With the arrival of December comes an obvious flurry of excitement and stress as a whole lot of poor mothers, fathers and grandparents engage in battle with each other in order to provide their darling offspring (i.e. brats, who have suddenly become angels under the age old threat of ‘Santa won’t come unless you are good’) with the items requested on their never ending lists.

Thankfully in our household I am the only one who has a list and gets to throw tantrums about which way I want to put the fairy lights and decorations on the christmas tree. However, I also get threated with ‘If you’re not good, Santa won’t come’. Luckily this threat has never been furfilled or I’d probably only ever wake up to lots of coal on christmas day.

This year we decided to be a little creative with our christmas decorations (as afore mentioned). This had several benefits: 1) No battling with old Mrs Bloggs over the last pack of baubles or piece of tinsel 2) not having to listen to endless screaming children, whilst parents confiscate the tenth item they have loaded into the shoppoing trolley 3)Cameron would say it kept me busy and out of his way for atleast a good few hours

After much glueing, sellotaping, blue-tacing and a few ‘f’ and ‘b’ words the final result was ready to be displayed to the world…
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Where we are staying / Bargain Boots

In My day to day on October 19, 2008 at 2:10 pm

As many of you already know we are staying with Cameron’s parents at the moment until our own little house at 37 McDonald Street is ready to move into.

We thought some of you might like to see some pictures of where we are at…

The In-Laws place

The In-Laws place

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