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Anniversary Weekend

In My day to day on September 8, 2009 at 9:30 am

The weekend just past (5th September) was our very first wedding anniversary. Our parents and granny, were very kind and gave us some money towards a weekend away (thank you!).

We left Lunenburg bright and early and headed first to the mall at Halifax. New outfit was purchased and we snacked on pretzels (hot, buttery and salty – delicious)! We passed the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and couldn’t resist purchasing a few chocolates…

We checked in to the hotel…

Hotel Exterior

Hotel Exterior

and then checked out our room….



The view was pretty awesome…



Cameron had bought me some champagne as an anniversary present so we decided to pop it on ice and let it chill whilst we went for a swim…



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Holiday Snaps 2

In Sites and Sounds on August 24, 2009 at 2:03 pm


Mum and Dad at The Ovens – natural sea caves that were once upon a time mined for gold.


The Ovens.


You can try but I don’t see it happening….


Mum cooling off in the pool (I know what you’re going to say Mum, but I think it’s a good photo). Read the rest of this entry »

A visit from Cait

In Sites and Sounds on August 5, 2009 at 9:32 am

Last week one of my oldest friends from Scotland came over to visit. We spent quite a lot of time at the beach…

Cait @ Bayswater Beach

Cait @ Bayswater Beach

They even had lifeguards on duty…



Eventually we plucked up the courage to jump in the Atlantic for a swim, however, sadly don’t have any photographic proof!

We also explored Aspotogen Pointe…



Cait thought she’d try her hand at being a mermaid but sadly her singing wasn’t good enough to attract any local sailors. Read the rest of this entry »

Swimmer’s Itch

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2009 at 11:00 am


Recently Cameron and I were having a discussion about swimming in the sea. As you all know Canada borders the Atlantic and it takes a bloody lot of sunshine to warm it’s water up. Conclusion: reserve swimming for the lakes.

Well that was until we stumbled across the above notice. Swimmer’s itch, duck itch or cercarial dermatitis (for all you geeks out there) is is a short-term, immune reaction occurring in the skin of humans that have been infected by water-borne trematode parasites.

The trematodes that cause swimmer’s itch are parasitic schistosomes that use both snails and vertebrates as hosts in their life cycles. Most cases are caused by parasites that use waterfowl as the vertebrate host. These avian schistosomes cannot complete their life cycles in mammals, but can accidentally infect humans, giving rise to mildly itchy spots on the skin. Within hours, these spots become raised papules (a circumscribed, solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid, varying in size from a pinhead to 1 cm) that are more intensely itchy. The papules are caused by localized inflammatory immune reactions, each corresponding to the penetration site of a single parasite, which dies in the skin within hours.

The good news: it’s perfectly harmless so long as you don’t scratch too much and cause any secondary infection. Symptoms usually disappear within a week.

Just the thought of it is making me itch, I’m off out to buy some calamine lotion…

The Heavens have opened!

In My day to day on October 22, 2008 at 4:18 pm

We thought that escaping Scotland meant getting rid of the rain – we couldn’t have been more wrong. The heavens have officially open today leaving us stuck inside feeling miserable and dare I say it really missing home. We decided this called for a plan of action and hence headed to Bridgewater (our ‘shopping’ town) in search of a swimming costume – swimming being a good, wet day, activity. We returned home minus the swimming costume but with a really nice woolly jumper. Here’s hoping that wet days will become a lot more fun once we have our new jeep home. I’m looking forward to seeing just what you can do with a 4×4, big puddles and a few hours to spare…