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The Taking of Pelham 244

In My day to day on February 17, 2010 at 8:26 pm

We’re on the move again, another rental, another spot in beautiful Lunenburg…

This time we’ve ended up in a gorgeous townhouse, on Pelham Street (walking distance to the pub again!!). The house was recently renovated from the ground up, including propping up steep original foundations on the side of Shipyard Hill – see above map.

Sitting Room No. 1


Ensuite Bathroom

There are several pros and cons to being back in town. As mentioned we’re once again within walking distance to all amenities and work (for me). However, although we still have an ocean view it’s not quite so spectacular as the one at Blue Rocks.

Upper level deck

Another disadvantage would be our lack of garden, however, we’re only here until July and therefore it shouldn’t be too much on an issue. Oreo isn’t much into the great outdoors and prefers the heated floors anyway!



In My day to day on April 8, 2009 at 8:38 pm

I thought I’d treat you all to a little up date of life in Nova Scotia.

It’s now April (the Easter bunny comes next weekend) and we’ve now been in Canada for 6 whole months! Scary how the time passes.

I’m still waiting on my visa, not working, staying home reading endless nursing material and making cakes. Oh and now I’ve got a new hobby..

xbox 360

xbox 360

Although the picture says it all… I hardly ever get to play and when I do I’m only told I’m doing it wrong (‘cos you’re a girl’) huh!

We’ve also made a few news friends – our own age – which is nice and in turn they are introducing us to other people. Read the rest of this entry »