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Holiday Snaps 2

In Sites and Sounds on August 24, 2009 at 2:03 pm


Mum and Dad at The Ovens – natural sea caves that were once upon a time mined for gold.


The Ovens.


You can try but I don’t see it happening….


Mum cooling off in the pool (I know what you’re going to say Mum, but I think it’s a good photo). Read the rest of this entry »


Easter Celebrations

In Sites and Sounds on April 14, 2009 at 10:00 am

Easter is a BIG thing in Canadian, which is fine as it meant a holiday weekend for us. It also meant that almost EVERYWHERE (the mall, local shops and even the big supermarkets) was closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On the Saturday we risked going to one of the larger superstores for some groceries and only just made it out a live!

We celebrated Good Friday with a trip to the Happy Cooker (which was still open!) for breakfast – bacon, eggs, home fries (fried potatoes), toast and coffee! Feeling rather full we headed to Mush-a-Mush lake for a walk. If you look through my previous blog posts you will see the lake in the snow. It’s looking quite different now it’s spring time…

The lake

The lake

Isn’t it beautiful. It has been fantastic watching the lakes freeze-up and the slowly turn back from solid white to vivid blue. It’s not much wonder everyone here paints.

We strolled around the lake and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine..



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